Welcome, Gin Edgar Sopper! A London Dry Gin with an Italian soul

We want to welcome Gin Edgar Sopper, our very own London dry gin – the quintessential British distilling product – which completes Gruppo Montenegro’s portfolio of proprietary brands.

The name of the brand is an homage to the Imperial raven “Edgar Sopper”, that is associated with an amusing legend: it pretended to be dead to attract the attention of the Beefeater, but, as soon as the startled warder picked up the bird, it pecked at his finger before flying off with a derisory sneer.

To this clever raven we dedicate our gin, which is produced in England by an award-winning 18th century distillery – the country’s oldest that is currently in its seventh generation of Master Distillers. It is produced with artisanal dedication and experience strictly in accordance with the “London Dry” method, which only distils natural extracts without adding flavourings.

Gin Edgar Sopper is characterised by five botanicals and, thanks to its dry yet smooth taste, it is a versatile gin. Ideal for cocktails, but also suited for drinking neat.

The bottle is an expression of the product’s London roots: the embossing along its entire length refers to the imposing glass plant houses of Kew Gardens, the country’s most famous botanic gardens, and one of the architectural symbols of London.

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