Montenegro Group raises its Food Defense standards thanks to a new digital solution

Montenegro Group takes another step forward in its pursuit of excellence in the Food Defense area.

The internationalisation process that the Group has undertaken requires us to adopt standards that are compliant with Food Safety regulations for exports to the USA, one of our core markets.

The legislation imposes the adoption of rigid measures to guarantee food safety of the products manufactured at our plants, both with regard to accidental contamination – through the HACCP system – and to intentional contamination – through the zoning, according to risk levels, of production areas and other risk-sensitive areas where access control is being implemented.

This is the reason why we have determined to update and complete the already existing measures, reviewing the project and replacing the current plant access system with new latest-generation technologies.

The new access system allows the numerical control at the gates and, thanks to the optimisation and the integration with other systems, it also allows energy monitoring and the integration with the time clock, the latter being a particularly innovative and uncommon feature in business processes.

The new access system is based on a lean process which is also more cost-effective thanks to the streamlining and optimisation deriving from the reduction in the pieces of equipment installed.

This is a further tangible example of our efforts towards digitalisation and innovation – the pillars of our growth strategys – and further evidence of the great attention that the Group pays to the quality and safety of its food products.