Gruppo Montenegro: the goal is #GreenCompany

The group from Bologna, market leader in the food and liqueur sector, is speeding up in terms of sustainable development by getting rid of plastic and encouraging separate waste collection on all its premises.


Zola Predosa (BO), 2nd October 2019 – Gruppo Montenegro aims at becoming increasingly green and launches its new environmental sustainability path, developed along several corporate lines, starting with two initiatives: #PlasticFreeCompany and #100%Recycle.

“Our vision ‘Quality of life anytime of the day’ means making sustainable decisions and choosing behaviours which reflect this vision every day”, says Marco Ferrari, CEO at Gruppo Montenegro. “This is why we have started to pave the way for a new path which will lead us to becoming more and more a ‘Green Company’, by starting the first projects within our workspaces. They include basic and concrete actions because we believe that what we do every day can truly make a difference”.

More specifically, the goal of the first project, called #PlasticFreeCompany, is to get rid of all the plastic which is used for beverages on the Group’s premises, thanks to the installation of machines for pipeline water filtering: in this way you have quality drinking water, free of charge and available for everyone, using paper cups or stainless steel flasks which we provide for our staff. Moreover, the cups and plastic spoons for coffee vending machines will be replaced with paper cups, wooden spoons and ceramic mugs for herb teas and infusions.

#100%Recycle, on the other hand, is an initiative aimed at encouraging separate waste collection, by placing new branded containers in all common spaces in offices and factories, thus getting rid of all litter bins on the premises. This is also expected to allow for more efficient collection operations, as well as to encourage greater use of recycled materials to protect the environment.

It is sustainability path in respect of which all the employees at Gruppo Montenegro are involved.


With over 130 years of history, Gruppo Montenegro is a 100% Italian business enterprise, a market leader in the food and spirits sector. It ranks third in Italy in the Spirits industry and has six premium brands in the food sector. Gruppo Montenegro, established in 1885 in Bologna by the young and enthusiastic herbalist Stanislao Cobianchi, includes brands which are synonymous with Italian quality and tradition, for example: Amaro Montenegro, Vecchia Romagna, Select, Rosso Antico, Coca Buton, Bonomelli, Thè Infrè, Olio Cuore, Spezie Cannamela, Polenta Valsugana and Pizza Catarì. Thanks to its consolidated distribution network, domestically and worldwide, the Group brands are still the real ambassadors in 70 countries worldwide for “Made in Italy”: they best represent Italian excellence in compliance with tradition, with great attention to quality and sustainability, which have always been core values at Gruppo Montenegro.

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