We change culture with Fondazione Libellula

Gruppo Montenegro has become part of the Network of Fondazione Libellula, a group of companies which have agreed to become ambassadors of an inclusive culture, resulting in sensitivity and courage. Why Libellula (“Dragonfly”)? This animal spends most of its life at the bottom of a pond, then finally emerges from the mud and learns to fly. It has thus become a symbol of transformation, of the constant process of change, freedom and balance. Why the colour red? Apart from being a symbol of the fight against violence, red also stands for vital energy and willpower.

Being “the only one there” is still a common experience for many women on the workplace: one woman out of five says she is often the only female, or one of the few, in the room, and this is twice as frequent with regard to senior positions or technical professions. Talent, performance and aptness are the only factors that count. This is our company. These are our people. This is why we have decided to join the Fondazione Libellula network.

For more information, follow the link www.fondazionelibellula.com