Montenegro Group supports FAI

  • Bosco di San Francesco, Assisi (PG)

    Property of FAI since 2008
    Photo by Roberto Berti 2012 (C) FAI

  • Castello di Avio, Sabbionara d’Avio (TN)

    Property of FAI since 1977
    Photo by Martina Vanzo 2017 (C) FAI

  • Castello e Parco di Masino, Caravino (TO)

    Property of FAI since 1988
    Photo by Dario Fusaro 2008 (C) FAI

Gruppo Montenegro renews its support for FAI – The Italian Environmental Trust- also for 2020 and it joins the Corporate Golden Donor membership programme.

The landscape and cultural heritage which FAI protects and promotes represents an asset that has no parallel in the world, as well as a fundamental resource for investment to revive, develop and promote our Country.

FAI’s commitment is aimed at: protecting Italy’s awe-inspiring artistic, natural and cultural jewels while making them accessible to everybody; educating and raising awareness within the community about the importance of knowing about, respecting and taking care of art and nature; acting as a mouthpiece for civil society demands by monitoring and being actively involved in the territory.

Cultural heritage has a great value for local communities. In this respect, companies can play a decisive role in handling social, cultural and environmental problems. Gruppo Montenegro is no exception: since our foundation, we have always been closely bound to our territory and community.

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