Milan, 20 November 2019The Vero Bartender, an international competition organised by Amaro Montenegro, yesterday selected Marcus Fredriksson as best mixologist at international level, making Milan the world capital of bartending for one day.

The Vero Bartender Global 2019, with its sharing cocktail called “Around the Corner”, has been perfectly up to the task of creating an Amaro Montenegro-based drink, for a serving mode which enhances sharing and enjoying it together.

Marcus started his career as a barman twelve years ago. He currently works for the best cocktail bar in Sweden, in Malmö to be exact, and with his cocktail – which is served using a small watering can in little flower pots – he wishes to pay tribute to his country, using Swedish ingredients which he can easily find near his workplace.

“This latest edition of The Vero Bartender – says Marco Ferrari, CEO of Gruppo Montenegrohas reached even more staggering figures than in previous years: 150 masterclasses all over the world, and more than 2,700 bartenders involved. Amaro Montenegro is increasingly attentive to international markets and to the future; thanks to its innovative approach to mixology, it has succeeded in strengthening its ties to community of bartenders”.

The creations by the 12 shortlisted bartenders – from Italy, and also from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Albania and Sweden – have been judged by a panel including major exponents and experts in the industry at international level: Monica Berg, International Bartender of The Year 2019 and owner of the Tayer+Elementary bar di London; Erik Lorincz, one of the best bartenders in the world and owner of Kwant, on the 50 Best Bar 2019 list; Yolanda Evans, international travel and mixology journalist; Matteo Bonoli, Master Herbalist at Amaro Montenegro.

The prize for the winner is an exclusive trip to New York, to experience as a protagonist the Brooklyn Bar Convent 2020, where he will have a chance to compete with the best bartenders around today and to improve his mixology skills.

Sharing cocktail “Around the Corner”

5cl                          Amaro Montenegro

3 cl                        Lactic acid fermented apple juice

1.5 cl                     Walnut honey

2 cl                        Seaweed infused Vermouth

3 drops                Saline solution

Profiles of the 11 shortlisted bartenders:

Rodrigo Alvarez, born in Argentina, moved with his family to Spain, specifically to Palma de Mallorca, aged 12. He discovered his passion for bartending while working as a waiter in a bar in town, and decided to make it his profession while at university. He is taking part in the final with “Principessa”, the aperitif cocktail characterised by its citrus fruit note, a tribute to this Latin origins.

Simone De Milito, born in Fasano in the Brindisi province, has followed the passion for bartending which has led him to numerous professional experiences in Italy, Germany and Switzerland. He is a fan of classic cocktail restyling; he is presenting “1885”, where the authentic notes which have made Amaro Montenegro an icon worldwide are perfectly highlighted.

Roger Grüter, Swiss from Basel, after a short professional experience in chemistry, decided to follow his passion for mixology by opening a bar with a friend. “Black Magic”, the sharing cocktail with which he is taking part in the international final, highlights the Amaro Montenegro notes.

Kevin Imami, born in Tirana, Albania, graduated from the Bartender School “ABAS” seven years ago, and since then he has been working in the best cocktail bars in Albania. Bringing with him a great passion for drink mixology, he has joined the competition with “Trino”, a restyled punch proposal, suitable for sharing between three or more people.

Janneke Koorn, Dutch, is a barlady at Dr. Cocktail bar in Rotterdam. She loves Italian wines and spirits, and presents “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”, a drink intended as the perfect cocktail to be shared with friends, where bitter notes meet the citrus fruit touches of lemon and pineapple.

Adam Lau, was born in Canada, but grew up in Hong Kong. After graduation, he discovered a passion for mixology which led him to joining the team of bartenders at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney, where he focused on aperitif cocktails, with an outstanding careful selection of ingredients, and special attention to sustainability and zero-waste. These elements can be found in his cocktail suggestion: “Te Nero”.

Johanna Luger, born of an Austrian father and Filipino mother, she has been trying her hand at the art of mixology for a few months now at Darwin’s Bar in Salzburg; this has not hindered her creativity and passion, with a particular interest in spirits. She is participating in the final with “Elena”, a cocktail which matches her Austrian and Asian origin, resulting in a perfect combination between East and West.

Marco Masiero, born in Bergamo, he started his experience in the world of mixology in 2015 at Sushi Samba, a renowned cocktail bar and restaurant in London, then continued his career path in other bars, including Shochu Lounge, Reverend JW Simpson and Bar Supervisor. He returned to Italy to work as head bartender and supervisor for Sottovoce Speakeasy, where he is still employed. “Ribelli Virtudi”, the cocktail for which he has been selected as The Vero Bartender 2019 in Italy, is a tribute to the journey undertaken by Stanislao Cobianchi and to the origins of Amaro Montenegro.

Cristiana Pirinu, born in Sardinia, after graduating started a career as barlady in the restaurants Aqua Kyoto and Nueva, as well as in the Beaumont Hotel, where she learned about all the nuances of bartending. She then moved to London and embarked on a new adventure at The Donovan Bar, one of the best in London; thanks to the teachings of “Maestro” Salvatore Calabrese, she has produced “The Seven Notes”, a cocktail which is suitable for all palates, thanks to perfect merging between seven notes.

Zachary Sapato, born in the United States, but of Greek-Mexican origin, he started his career as barman in night clubs and discos, delving into the great art of mixology in 2016. “Bella Figura”, the cocktail with which he has joined the competition, has been created with the sole intent to encourage sharing; it has well-balanced flavours with some bitter notes.

Jules Verlinden, born in Belgium, in the small town of Diest. Son of the owners of the “Die Nieuwe Haan” restaurant, Jules grew up among the colours, scents and flavours which over time have shaped his passion for mixology. Constantly in search of new ingredients to enhance and personalise his cocktails, he is participating in the competition with “Monterinha”, a perfect fusion of his whole experience.

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