Gruppo Montenegro supports

According to a recent survey by ISTAT (the Italian National Statistics Institute), as many as 33.8% of households do not have a pc or tablet available, while 57% of children have to share one computer with the rest of the family. This issue goes beyond the need which has been highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic; indeed education is bound to become increasingly digitised, which means that students will be needing more and more online supports for their schoolwork.

During the lockdown period, four teenagers from Milan decided to set up, a non-profit project whose purpose is to help deal with this problem. is a web platform designed to connect students who need a device (PC or Tablet) for online learning with individuals or companies wishing to donate functioning second-hand devices.

… and Gruppo Montenegro has chosen to support this project by donating its stock of unused laptops.

Online learning is everyone’s right!

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