Gruppo Montenegro is awarded the IDEM certification for gender equality

IDEM is an innovative university start-up, whose aim is to accelerate the path of all organisations committed to achieving Gender Equality.

IDEM has developed an instrument to measure at certify gender equality achievements on the workplace (IDEM index) based on a rigorous and “data driven” method (i.e. using objective data), which takes into account four fundamental corporate dimensions: career, salary, organisation and culture. The project started in 2020, in partnership with the Marco Biagi Foundation at Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia and with the Job Pricing Observatory, to participate in the design and validation of a new certification aimed at actively contributing to achieving Objective 5 of the UN 2030 Agenda.

«The first step towards gender equality – according to Federico Ferri, Senior Partner at IDEM – consists in measuring it and acknowledging its benchmarks. In this regard, the method used by IDEM has the aim of transforming into measurable objectives the actions in support of gender equality, in a way which is very similar to the procedure used for business goals. This approach consists in enabling improvement actions and quantifying their effects, with a view to generating effective change within companies and achieving true gender equality».

This outcome proves to what extent Gruppo Montenegro, also thanks to its instruments facilitating work-life balance, is an enterprise keen on promoting policies which guarantee gender equality every day at corporate level.

The certification is also a tool which will help us identify new intervention priorities and establish specific action plans to continue our progress towards “gender equality”, being aware of our achievements so far and of the steps we still need to take.

Cristina Danelatos, HR & Digital Innovation Director:

«Inclusion and equality are Gruppo Montenegro’s principles which help us create an environment and a future which are better for our people, consumers, partners, and the communities where we operate. The IDEM certification, thanks to its rigorous scientific-methodological approach, is an important instrument for us to boost gender equality within our organisation».