Cannamela launches the first line of Fairtrade-certified spices

Cannamela, a leading spice producer, has launched the first line of spices certified by Fairtrade, a brand name which is acknowledged all over the world, thus adding value to the supply chain and highlighting the topics of environmental sustainability and social accountability.

A careful selection of raw materials, from Sri Lanka, has resulted in a range consisting of four products, available in the iconic Cannamela black jar: Black Pepper, Ginger, Turmeric and Cinnamon.

The project stems from the partnership between Cannamela and Fairtrade Italia; its aim is to enhance the role of individuals, helping small farmers in developing countries to build a better future, through fairer trade conditions.

This non-profit organisation is committed to guaranteeing a minimum price for small-scale spice producers, calculated to cover sustainable production costs, independent of market fluctuations; this helps improve their living conditions, as well as supporting their growth and progress.

In addition, producer organisations are awarded the Fairtrade Prize, to be invested in products of their choice, for example implementing best practices in farming and funding for schools, or the development of businesses to support household incomes: one of the initiatives, for example, is a seamstress school where women from producer cooperatives can learn a trade and earn a living.

Cannamela Fairtrade: one more chance for the consumer to make a difference, without giving up on the taste and quality of Cannamela spices.