Bonomelli supports the project ‘Casa Buonanotte’!

Bonomelli is a partner in ‘Casa Buonanotte’ (‘Good night, home’), a solidarity project specifically intended for all Italian children.

The purpose of this project is twofold: on the one hand it aims at collecting and donating funds to the Civil Defence Department to face the Covid 19 emergency, on the other, it is meant to give children the opportunity to enjoy some amusement and culture by reaching out to them with a fairy tale, the best way to let their imagination roam free beyond the walls of their houses!

40 Italian TV, radio, sports, movie and media celebrities and even Michelin star chefs have come together to take part in this initiative. Over the next 40 days, they will be ‘Casa Buonanotte’ ambassadors: each day, in a short video, they will tell one of the most popular fairy tales by such great authors as Gianni Rodari, the brothers Grimm, Aesop and Andersen, amongst others.

‘Casa Buonanotte’ fairy tales short videos will follow a daily timetable: one fairy tale per day – online at 6pm – starting on 14th of April, for 40 days. The tales will be posted on the celebrities’ Instagram and Facebook accounts, with a direct tag to ‘Casa Buonanotte’ project’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

Besides, a collection of all the tales will be available on the website