Bologna, 18 December 2017 – Amaro Montenegro confirms its continued interest in the U.S. market, furthering its expansion strategy with a communication project in partnership with Testa and Partners, the Los Angeles-based creative hub of Armando Testa Group, which includes a street art campaign in New York City featuring the creative vision of Italian artist Lorenzo Petrantoni.

Inspired by the intriguingly complex, unforgettable taste of Amaro Montenegro, the three art installations by Petrantoni combine 19th century iconography with contemporary graphics, the aim being to represent the 40 botanicals and unique aromatic notes that characterise the product. The large-scale works of street art have been visible from 24 November up to New Year’s eve in Brooklyn and Manhattan, at the crossroads of Great Jones St. and Bowery (NoHo), between Wyckoff Ave. and Jefferson St. (Bushwick) and on the corner of Wythe and 10th (Williamsburg).

These installations are part of a much wider project to develop the brand communication, which turns its focus away from trade to target consumers directly through a range of activities. Montenegro Nights, a series of experiential night-life events in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Miami dedicated to the founder of Amaro Montenegro, Stanislao Cobianchi and designed to introduce consumers to the amaro’s complex taste sensations. U.S. market adaptations of the new product story video, developed with the creative input of Armando Testa Group to celebrate the life of Stanislao Cobianchi and the experiences that led him to discover the 40 botanicals that are the secret of Amaro Montenegro. A new website for the brand and the launch of a global digital campaign with totally new, streamlined graphics, again by Armando Testa Group.

“Amaro Montenegro was created by a curious, irreverent explorer, so it was important for us to tell his story from a creative point of view, inviting consumers into his world”, stated Francesco Scaglione, International Division Director at Montenegro Group“Its origins and its complex recipe, which is still secret today, are so authentic that they continue to arouse incredible interest, some 132 years on”.

“Ever since 1885, the relationship between tradition and modernity has been a strong point for Amaro Montenegro”, stated Michele Mariani and Dino Spadavecchia, executive creative directors at Armando Testa Group. “We choose Petrantoni to illustrate this dichotomy, portraying the brand’s irreverent personality and its rich heritage through the artist’s own unique approach.”


The year is 1885 and, after long and fervent experimentation, Bologna-born herbalist Stanislao Cobianchi finally invents one of the most iconic Italian liqueurs of all time, Amaro Montenegro.
A legendary product that for over 130 years has offered the same unique taste and quality that make Amaro Montenegro Italy’s number one amaro. This unchanging tradition is reflected in the bottle too, with its iconic shape; a bottle that has always set Amaro Montenegro apart, jealously protecting its character, as well as its taste. Indeed, Amaro Montenegro is still made today to the same traditional recipe, with its intriguing blend of 40 botanicals including herbs, spices and citrus fruits; a formula and process which have been kept secret for over a century, and which give Amaro Montenegro its unmistakable taste and extraordinary complexity.
Thanks to this unique organoleptic profile, Amaro Montenegro is a surprising and versatile ingredient for innovative cocktails or twists on great classics that are already hugely popular in the world of mixology both in Italy and abroad.

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