5th February 2022: an important date for us and for the future of our planet!

Saturday 5 February will be the National Day for the Prevention of Food Waste, but not only… on that date the Pact against Food Waste promoted by Too Good To Go, which Gruppo Montenegro has also signed, celebrates its first birthday.

Counteracting food waste is the top-ranking solution to fight climate change and keep the increase in temperatures by the end of the century below 2°C, thus limiting the damage caused by climate change to humans and the environment. Indeed, everyone’s commitment is essential in order to achieve this ambitious objective, also set out by the United Nation in its Agenda 2030, to halve food waste per capita in retail and by consumers, as well as to reduce food waste all along the supply chain by 2030.

Our contribution, together with our partner Too Good To Go and other companies which have joined the Pact, has already led to several concrete outcomes:

  • 368,000 Magic Boxes distributed
  • 212,000 products saved
  • 10,000,000 packages with a more detailed explanation of the Awareness Label on the shelves
  • 1,500,000 people, including employees and consumers, involved in webinars, events and communication campaigns
  • 145,000 € worth of food products saved and given to the most fragile individuals.

These figures make us proud, however we do not see it as a final achievement; on the contrary; our commitment to this issue, which is becoming increasingly topical and urgent for consumers, companies and the environment, will become even stronger and more concrete.

Read the press release here.