Vecchia Romagna launches its Riserva Tre Botti

The italian brandy, number one in the world, presents a new exclusive reserve: a rich and intense blend of valuable wine distillates, aged in three different barrels.


Zola Predosa (BO), 7 October 2019Vecchia Romagna, for the latest edition of Bar Show in Rome – the Italian event of international relevance which brings together the whole beverage industry – has presented its Reserva Tre Botti, in the new and valuable bottle with a sleek line and the iconic triangular shape.

Riserva Tre Botti is the result of continuous experimentation by the company, based on an exclusive production process known as “Vecchia Romagna Method”, a standard dating to 1820 and involving three essential steps:

  • The masterful combination of two distillation techniques (the continuous “column” and the discontinuous “alembic” method of the Charentais type);
  • the slow and patient ageing of the distillate in oak barrels;
  • last but not least, blending, an expression of the ability and expertise of Vecchia Romagna in selecting only the best brandies.

The new Riserva Tre Botti is a blend of valuable wine distillates – the most noble of them having aged for 10 or even 15 years – from three different barrels: the French oak barriques, the large Slavonian oak barrels and the tonneaux, which contained Italian red wine.

“Riserva Tre Botti is part of a strategy for the enhancement of our reserve ranges, with a view to consolidating the Vecchia Romagna brand equity”, says Alessandro Soleschi, Spirits Marketing Manager at Gruppo Montenegro. “An excellent meditation brandy, whose aromatic complexity will please connoisseurs’ palates, as well as targeting the world of mixology, forever in search of innovative products”.

Riserva Tre Botti stands out with its distinctive amber and bright colour, the extraordinary bouquet of aromas and a soft and balanced taste, with notes of vanilla, honey and apricot jam.

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In 1820 Jean Buton – master distiller at the Imperial House of Napoleon I – left France to settle in Italy, in Bologna, where he founded the first Italian steam distillery. In 1939 Cognac Buton, a high-end distillate produced by the company, became Vecchia Romagna: the wine distillate in the unmistakable triangular bottle. Our unique is a result of the traditional Vecchia Romagna Method, which involves three fundamental steps: the combination of brandies obtained using a continuous “column” and discontinuous “Charentais” method; ageing in the traditional cellars in Bologna, and finally blending of brandies from different barrels and barriques. Since 1999 Vecchia Romagna has consolidated its success by becoming part of Gruppo Montenegro.

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With over 130 years of history, Gruppo Montenegro is a 100% Italian business enterprise, a market leader in the food and spirits sector. It ranks third in Italy in the Spirits industry and has six premium brands in the food sector. Gruppo Montenegro, established in 1885 in Bologna by the young and enthusiastic herbalist Stanislao Cobianchi, includes brands which are synonymous with Italian quality and tradition, for example: Amaro Montenegro, Vecchia Romagna, Select, Rosso Antico, Coca Buton, Bonomelli, Thè Infrè, Olio Cuore, Spezie Cannamela, Polenta Valsugana and Pizza Catarì. Thanks to its consolidated distribution network, domestically and worldwide, the Group brands are still the real ambassadors in 70 countries worldwide for “Made in Italy”: they best represent Italian excellence in compliance with tradition, with great attention to quality and sustainability, which have always been core values at Gruppo Montenegro.

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