In an increasingly technological world, the iconic SAPORE VERO brand renews its communication continuing to be the ambassador of authentic values


Milan, 18 October 2018 – Today the new Amaro Montenegro #humanspirit Campaign begins, which exalts the values ​​of friendship and authenticity in the age of artificial intelligence.

In a constantly evolving world, where technology is combined with the experience of everyday life and changes lifestyles, Amaro Montenegro lives and embraces innovation, while continuing to be the ambassador of those values ​​that have always been summarised with the famous SAPORE VERO, real flavour, claim.

A group of friends is the protagonist of the new Amaro Montenegro TV commercial and, in the initial scenes, they are struggling with the unsurpassed performances of robots equipped with the best programs to face any challenge, from a game of chess to a race.

But if robots can rely on sophisticated computer programs, the spot uses irony to emphasize how certain programs continue to be completely human like an “evening program”. And this is how the five friends meet inside a place for an authentic moment to share, tasting a straight Amaro Montenegro and, for the first time on screen, mixed in a cocktail.

The song “Human” by Rag’n’Bone Man is the commercial’s soundtrack, the first success for the British singer-songwriter. With over 640 million downloads on YouTube, the song is a tribute to the inimitable ability of man to live and experience emotions.

Our lives are surrounded by technology, but we recognize the value of those things that can be enjoyed only with the heart.

This is the #HUMANSPIRIT by Amaro Montenegro.

“The #HUMANSPIRIT Campaign is a natural evolution in the communication of Amaro Montenegro that, while embracing technology positively, continues today to put human beings first as well authentic relationships and friendship” – says Marco Ferrari, CEO of Gruppo Montenegro – “The brand renewal process continues, accompanied by the positive sales of recent years and a progressive expansion in the world of mixology.”


The multi-channel campaign, created by the Armando Testa agency, will be launched with 45″ spots on the main TV channels on 18th October at 8.00 pm. They will be on air until Christmas also in 30″ and 15″ formats. The planning consists in a massive presence in the best TV program of that period. The high visibility of the campaign will be empowered thanks to an important digital presence on those networks that have a younger target by means of highly impactful and engaging display and video formats. Planning by Wavemaker.


The year is 1885 and, after long and fervent experimentation, Bologna-born herbalist Stanislao Cobianchi finally invents one of the most iconic Italian liqueurs of all time, Amaro Montenegro.
A legendary product that for over 130 years has offered the same unique taste and quality that make Amaro Montenegro Italy’s number one amaro. This unchanging tradition is reflected in the bottle too, with its iconic shape; a bottle that has always set Amaro Montenegro apart, jealously protecting its character, as well as its taste. Indeed, Amaro Montenegro is still made today to the same traditional recipe, with its intriguing blend of 40 botanicals including herbs, spices and citrus fruits; a formula and process which have been kept secret for over a century, and which give Amaro Montenegro its unmistakable taste and extraordinary complexity.
Thanks to this unique organoleptic profile, Amaro Montenegro is a surprising and versatile ingredient for innovative cocktails or twists on great classics that are already hugely popular in the world of mixology both in Italy and abroad.


Founded in 1885, Gruppo Montenegro is a leading Italian Spirits and Food manufacturer. The Group’s brands have developed into icons of the “Made in Italy” with strong brand equity and significant top of mind: Amaro Montenegro, Vecchia Romagna, Bonomelli infusions, Infrè decaf tea, Olio Cuore, Cannamela spices, Polenta Valsugana, Pizza Catarì. Their success is the result of constant pursuit of excellence, respect for tradition and attention to product quality and sustainability, all values that have defined the Group since its foundation. Thanks to a solid national and international distribution network, the brands are true ambassadors of the Italian way of life.

Grazie ad una solida rete distributiva nazionale e internazionale, i marchi del Gruppo si confermano ancora oggi dei veri e propri ambasciatori della cultura e della tradizione italiana.

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