Milan, 18 May 2017 – Cuore renews its commitment to health and wellbeing with the addition of a new product to the “family”: the new Cuore Plant-Based Mayonnaise. The first of its kind to be egg-free, gluten-free and 100% plant-based, as it made with only plant proteins.

The main ingredient in Cuore Plant-Based Mayonnaise is Cuore Corn Oil, for a product rich in linoleic acid which, coupled with a varied and well-balanced diet and a healthy, active lifestyle, can help maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels. The other ingredients in the product also offer numerous health benefits: vitamin E, which helps to combat oxidative stress at cellular level, and vitamin B6 which improves normal energy metabolism.

Soft, appetising and with a delicate flavour, Cuore Plant-Based Mayonnaise is the perfect condiment for everyday dishes like fish, rice salad, pasta, meat and potatoes, deliciously enhancing the flavour of food.

“Healthy eating and feeling on top form” is the advertising claim that Cuore has been using since 1959 to encourage consumers to follow a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. Today Cuore Corn Oil and Cuore Low-Sodium Iodised Salt are joined by Cuore Plant-Based Mayonnaise, another valuable ally of wellbeing, which starts with a healthy diet.


It was on the cusp of the incredible swinging Sixties, in 1959, that Cuore Corn Oil was launched. Cuore Corn Oil was immediately characterised as a light oil with the ability to enhance the flavour of foods, and was presented as the ideal choice for a healthy, balanced diet. Scrupulous attention to guaranteeing the highest product standards and a rigorously controlled production process, enable Cuore Corn Oil to guarantee the health benefits associated with maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, thanks to the linoleic acid (omega 6) which the product naturally contains. In 2017 Cuore expanded its product family, with the launch of Cuore Plant-Based Mayonnaise, egg-free and made with plant-based protein to offer Italian consumers a delicious product with the delicate taste and health benefits of Cuore Corn Oil. This product, too, contains a natural source of linoleic acid which helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. So this is the continuation of a story of attention to quality and to the wellbeing of consumers, which today makes the Cuore brand a symbol of healthy eating and feeling on top form.

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