Bonomelli has joined ‘Solidalitaly’: Italian leading food companies’ support to Italian families in need

The current emergency can only be tackled by staying united and with everybody’s contribution. This is the idea behind ‘Solidalitaly’ (‘Italian Solidarity’), a joint solidarity project promoted by the Consortium ‘Italia del Gusto’ (‘Taste of Italy’), which groups together Italy’s major food companies.

A total of 20.000 food parcels will be prepared, containing an assortment of food products of the main companies in the Consortium. The first 10.000 are already being delivered free of charge – through the Caritas network and the retail chain Conad – in some of the areas that have been most affected by the crisis triggered by the Coronavirus.

Bonomelli has joined in with its Polenta Valsugana, Pizza Catarì and Spezie Cannamela brands, providing products that are part of our common identity. A small gesture to bring a smile through such hard times.

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