Bonomelli Atelier della Natura

A new location in the heart of Milan, dedicated to infusions and chamomiles for an all-natural wellbeing.

In the Brera area, in the heart of Milan, in Corso Garibaldi 12 we opened our first Bonomelli Store a few months ago. It is called Atelier della Natura and it is a welcoming space where you can live a multisensory experience full of taste, relaxation and well-being.

We chose Milan because it is the city where Bonomelli began his long and successful journey in 1908.

In these days, around the city, it is possible to meet the Bonomelli branded VeloLeo who can accompany people directly to the Atelier. In addition, we painted the city with the colors of nature, thanks to the #Sirietto a Bonomelli branded tram that circulates in the city close to the Atelier.

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