Amaro Montenegro was created in 1885 in Bologna by a young, passionate herbalist by the name of Stanislao Cobianchi, who named his concoction after Princess Elena of Montenegro, the future Queen of Italy.

Today, Amaro Montenegro is one of Italy’s top liqueurs, thanks to a series of characteristics that have made it unique: a secret recipe which has never been changed and which includes some 40 botanicals, expertly selected, extracted and blended; a unique, instantly recognisable bottle; a meticulous production process aimed at impeccable quality; a rich and complex organoleptic profile, with an agreeable bitter-sweet balance that makes it perfect for drinking neat, on the rocks or as an ingredient in some of the best-loved international cocktails.

Amaro Montenegro, sapore vero.

Jean Bouton, descended from a family of French distillers, he was the official supplier of Napoleon’s Court. Once Napoleon’s Empire started to collapse, moved to Italy where he found a terroir similar to that of the Charente region, the land of Cognac. In 1820 he opened a distillery in Bologna, the ancient Italian city, and after fascinating experiments he created Vecchia Romagna.

The original distinctive triangular bottle of Vecchia Romagna still represents one of its unique selling points. This unique and unmistakable brandy is known and enjoyed all over the world.

Queen of the spirits market, produced and aged in what has been hailed as the “city of Brandy”, San Lazzaro-Ozzano Emilia, in one of the five best-equipped facilities in Europe, Vecchia Romagna has gone from strength to strength since it became part of Gruppo Montenegro in 1999.

Select is an aperitif with a unique, well-balanced flavour that combines bitter and sweet notes with hints of citrus and spices. It is the result of an ingenious combination of 30 botanicals, all carefully selected and controlled to guarantee unmistakable, superb quality.

Ideal for preparing the classic “Venetian Spritz”: a unique chance to discover the most authentic spirit of Venice. It was right in the heart of Venice, in the city’s Castello district, that Select was created in 1920 by the award-winning “Fratelli Pilla & C.” distillery, thanks to its great experience in the art of liqueur production.

In 1988 the Select brand was acquired by Gruppo Montenegro which carries on the tradition today, following the original recipe.


Rosso Antico is a Vermouth based on the ancient recipe of Jean Buton, master distiller from France who moved to Italy in 1820, Rosso Antico topped the popularity stakes during the 1960s and 70s, earning itself the nickname “Prince of Aperitifs”.

Its unique formula is obtained by combining selected white wines and no less than 33 botanicals. The most important of these are the three species of Artemisia – artemisia absinthium, artemisia pontica and artemisia vallesiaca – responsible for the characteristic bitter note, and the exquisite Ireos florentina, fruit of a meticulous artisan extraction process, which gives the drink its distinctive floral note. Its intense aroma and rich, well-balanced taste, make Rosso Antico perfect both in classic cocktails like the Americano and also for sipping on the rocks, as in times gone by.


A liqueur whose delightful aroma comes from Peruvian coca leaves that are distilled to eliminate the cocaine molecule, leaving only the natural properties. It can be enjoyed neat, well-chilled, or used as an ingredient in cocktails.

It was invented in the latter half of the nineteenth century by the ancient Distilleria Buton and became one of their best-selling liqueurs, so much so that it was awarded a Grand Prix medal at the Paris Exposition of 1900.

Marketed as “Elixir Coca Boliviana”, the product became famous in Italy and abroad for its numerous beneficial effects, thanks to which it was hailed as the “glory of Italian liqueurs”. During the Giro d’Italia cycle race of 1940, Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali were immortalised in front of a bottle of Coca Buton: the photo was published in the “Gazzetta dello Sport” sports newspaper, with their words of praise on the product.

Oro Pilla is a product of the hundred years’ tradition started by the Pilla brothers, who – in 1919 in Venice – established a Distillery named after them. It derives from a complex production process, using a recipe which is now one hundred years old, still guaranteeing the original outstanding quality level.

This assertive brandy requires masterful processing, divided in two phases with a view to enhancing all the original wine aromas: distillation, partly using a continuous “column” and partly a discontinuous “Charentais” process, then blending brandies aged in Italy for at least three years inside French and Slavonian oak barrels.

The history of Grappa Libarna has always been deeply influenced by where it comes from: Piedmont, a region which has always produced quality spirits, based on its celebrated and valuable vine varieties.

Derived from the many centuries’ experience of Distilleria Gambarotta, founded in 1832, Grappa Libarna is named after the Roman settlement in the village of Serravalle Scrivia, which also provided the inspiration for the shape of the iconic bottle, bringing to mind the capitals on Roman columns.

Today Grappa Libarna is restyling its traditional range by introducing spirits which celebrate the vocation of its region and its artisan production in stills made of copper.

Rabarbaro Bergia is one of the topmost spirits produced by the distillery of the Bergia family, established in Turin in 1870.

As confirmation of its popularity, this premium liqueur was awarded 48 gold and silver medals and mentioned four times in the honour roll at major exhibitions in the nineteenth and twentieth century.

Known at the time as “rhubarb infusion”, it is produced using an exclusive recipe, unchanged over the years, which consists in extracting the aromatic essence directly from rhizomes, i.e. the most aromatic part in a rhubarb root. Its pleasantly bitter taste makes it ideal to be served either neat, with seltz and some lemon zest, or as an ingredient in great cocktail classics.

This traditional Italian liqueur was created by Distilleria G. Benvenuti & C., a distillery established at the turn of the twentieth century in Leghorn.

Nocino Benvenuti is produced using exclusively Italian nuts. According to tradition, they are picked on the night of the 24th of June, the feast of Saint John, and their hulls are left to macerate for nine months. The resulting product is then racked, and this precious nectar serves as basis for our liqueur.

True to its original recipe, it is ideal to be tasted neat as pleasant completion of a meal.

This liqueur, a result of the many centuries’ tradition of the distillery G.Buton&C. inaugurated by Jean Buton in Italy in 1820, soon became one of its premium spirits, so successful that in 1900 it was awarded the prestigious medal of the Gran Prix in Paris.

A selection of the best Marasca cherries is used for a distillate, soft and aromatic, ideal as an ingredient in cocktail classics such as Martinez and Brandy Crusta.

The name of the brand is an homage to the Imperial raven “Edgar Sopper”, that is associated with an amusing legend: it pretended to be dead to attract the attention of the Beefeater, but, as soon as the startled warder picked up the bird, it pecked at his finger before flying off with a derisory sneer.

To this clever raven we dedicate our gin, which is produced in England by an award-winning 18th century distillery – the country’s oldest that is currently in its seventh generation of Master Distillers. It is produced with artisanal dedication and experience strictly in accordance with the “London Dry” method, which only distils natural extracts without adding flavourings.

Gin Edgar Sopper is characterised by five botanicals and, thanks to its dry yet smooth taste, it is a versatile gin. Ideal for cocktails, but also suited for drinking neat.

The bottle is an expression of the product’s London roots: the embossing along its entire length refers to the imposing glass plant houses of Kew Gardens, the country’s most famous botanic gardens, and one of the architectural symbols of London.

Brand distributed under license

Gruppo Montenegro is the exclusive distributor for Italy of the references JJägermeister, Jose Cuervo, 1800, Boodles, Bushmills, Kraken, Matusalem, Jack Daniel’s, Finlandia, Woodford Reserve, Beluga, Belenkaya, Chazalettes.