Sergio Fava

Director Italian Business Unit

Sergio Fava began his professional life in Auditing and Consulting at Arthur Andersen, before pursuing a career in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods that saw him fill a number of diverse positions of increasingly greater responsibility, mainly in the commercial sector and subsequently at general management level.

After 3 years with IDV-Grand Met group, he furthered his professional development over a period of 10 years spent at Bacardi-Martini, where he held various positions from Marketing Director, Sales and Trade Marketing Director through to Commercial Director.

He was then General Manager and Managing Director at Comital Brands (Cuki and Domopak), Gancia-Russian Standard and Fratelli Branca Distillerie.

He was involved in the relaunch of Parmalat following its financial collapse, working in the team set up by Enrico Bondi as Head of Business Development and Innovation in addition to a role as Director of the Professional Division.

He joined Montenegro in 2015, first as a consultant before his appointment in 2016 as Director Spirits Division.