It was in 1908 that Luigi Amedeo Bonomelli, driven by his passion and expertise in the world of medicinal herbs, opened his own herbal medicine pharmacy in Milan. This marked the start of a business adventure that has been characterised ever since by the constant pursuit of the perfect balance of taste and wellbeing.

Today, Bonomelli is still synonymous with excellent use of the finest local produce, an extremely attentive selection process and natural processing and preserving of raw materials. Thanks to the first Italian centre for experimental trials, cultivation and drying of chamomile, established in Foggia in 1939, Bonomelli controls the entire production chain, ‘from field to cup’.

Bonomelli quality has always gone hand-in-hand with Italian consumers’ good habits, thanks to a comprehensive product range: chamomile teas, including Filtrofiore Chamomile Tea, the only one to include the whole flower head, herbal teas and infusions.

Today, as in the past, every Bonomelli filter contains the same passion and expertise, the result of a “know-how” that has been cultivated for more than a hundred years to bring you all the pleasure of nature in a cup.

Polenta Valsugana is the result of an ingenious idea by an Italian who emigrated from the Friuli region to Chicago in the United States in the 1920s. His love for the land of his birth and a certain nostalgia for the tastes of home prompted him to come up with a “method” for making polenta in just a few minutes, with the same quality and delicious taste of the traditional product.

Indeed, thanks to a special steam pre-cooking process the cornmeal can be cooked very quickly, maintaining the original taste and texture of the finished product. Polenta Valsugana is the proud custodian of this “method” which is still today the main secret of its success.

Polenta Valsugana became popular in Italy in the ’50s, during the economic boom years, and immediately proved to be an indispensable ally of all women who at that time were starting to work outside the home but who still wanted to enjoy traditional dishes.  Since then Polenta Valsugana has been synonymous with Polenta that is “easy, lovely, good and healthy”.

Yellow, Wholegrain, 5 Grains and White: thanks to its up-to-date product range, Polenta Valsugana is today still a product that reflects modern eating habits, and is a versatile base for those who like to be creative in the kitchen.

Polenta Valsugana, always a good idea.

Switzerland, 1946: pharmacist Theodor Groethe develops a process for eliminating the caffeine present in tea leaves while still preserving all the tea’s aroma and natural properties. Playing around with the words “caffeine free”, the name for the new tea is decided: “Infré”.

Infré Decaf Tea goes on sale in Italy in the ’60s and immediately becomes synonymous with the finest quality decaffeinated tea, above all thanks to the regular advertising campaigns and the memorable claim ”It’s good here, it’s good here” (pointing respectively at one’s mouth and heart).

For over 70 years, Infré Decaf Tea has been selecting the finest quality teas in the countries of origin to guarantee a rich, delicious taste that is perfect for those who want to enjoy drinking tea at any time of day.

Infré Decaf Tea is enriched with a concentrated essence of decaffeinated black tea. The inclusion of this essence boosts its natural antioxidant properties, helping to combat oxidative stress at cellular level when enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle and in conjunction with a varied, balanced diet.

Today the delicious beverage comes in a wide product variety, from classic and green tea to flavoured teas.

It was on the eve of the incredible swinging Sixties, in 1959, that Cuore Corn Oil was launched.

Cuore Corn Oil is characteristically a light oil with the ability to enhance the flavour of foods, ideal for a healthy, balanced diet and for helping to keep cholesterol under control.

Ten years later, Cuore Corn Oil unveiled a new packaging design and a new-look logo that were destined to make it a veritable modern-day icon. Since then, the can’s simple, bright image has remained largely unchanged.

Its constant presence in television advertising from the Seventies is an unmistakable feature and the legendary “hop over the fence”, present in all the ad campaigns, has become synonymous with the product and the key element of the brand image.

Scrupulous attention to guaranteeing the highest product standards and a rigorously controlled production process, enable Cuore Corn Oil to guarantee the health benefits associated with maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, thanks to the linoleic acid (omega 6) which the product naturally contains.

Because of its dedicated and constant commitment in the medical-scientific sector, over the years Cuore has established a relationship based on trust with doctors and nutrition experts. Through the Cuore Nutrition Academy it promotes research and scientific culture on the subject of nutrition and wellbeing. Last but not least, Cuore works with experts for the professional advancement of doctors and nutrition experts with regard to the most advanced scientific data in the area of cardiovascular fitness. For more information:

In 2017 Cuore expanded its product family, with the launch of Egg-Free Mayonnaise, bringing Italian consumers a special, light, low-fat product which is 100% plant-based thanks to the egg-free recipe, and which can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, as it is made with Cuore Corn Oil.

In January 2018 Cuore unveiled another new addition to the family: the new range of Basil Pesto  products. Made with 40% Cuore Corn Oil, and therefore rich in linoleic acid which helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and 100% Italian basil, the product comes in two versions, classic and without garlic, catering to the needs of all consumers who are attentive to taste but also wellbeing. Cuore Basil Pestos are the first of their kind to offer a functional benefit, and this gives them a unique positioning, not only in the pesto market, but also in the condiments and sauces sector in general.
So this is the continuation of a story of attention to quality and to the wellbeing of consumers, which today makes the Cuore brand a symbol of healthy eating and feeling on top form.

Cannamela is a sound, state-of-the-art brand which has been operating in the herbs and spices market for over 60 years.

Cannamela’s market leadership is the result of a strong vision focused on supporting brand  equity, its investment in cutting-edge technologies at every level of the supply chain and its complete control of the entire production process, right from the purchase of raw materials directly in the countries of origin.

Over the course of the years the company has implemented major programmes in the areas of Research & Development and Consumer Marketing geared towards product quality and innovation, with a strong focus on consumer needs.

Striving to  combine tradition and modernity in new products and new types of packaging, each year the company invests substantial resources in research and the development of an ever-expanding offering designed to cater to constantly changing, modern dietary requirements.

Thanks to its great passion, an incredible level of specialisation and a remarkably vast product range, Cannamela has always been the leading brand in its sector.

Enter the Kingdom of Flavours.


It was back in the mid 1950s that entrepreneur Ernesto Piletti launched Catarì Instant Pizza, named after Caterina (Catarì in the local dialect) his young employee from the Campania region who had told him her secret tips for making the perfect pizza base.

Thanks to Catarì Instant Pizza, the culture of making homemade pizza rapidly spread throughout Italy, especially in those regions where it hadn’t been an integral part of local culinary tradition. Indeed Catarì allows even novice cooks to make delicious pizza in their own kitchens, using the premium quality pre-dosed ingredients and following a few simple instructions.

The product established itself as a fond favourite in the kitchen pantries (and memories) of countless Italians and, on the back of this success, the 1980s heralded the launch of Catarì Mini Pizzas, which immediately became an iconic product, thanks also to the unforgettable TV advert starring Giorgio Bracardi.

Soft, Crispy, Gluten-free and with Farro: thanks to the largest range on the market, Catarì today remains “your own homemade pizza”.