Underpinning its own ethical commitment, Gruppo Montenegro promotes numerous projects:

Responsible alcohol consumption

Through its communication and advertising activities, Gruppo Montenegro has always been committed to presenting a fair and balanced image of alcohol consumption. The main reference brands – Amaro Montenegro and Vecchia Romagna – have always been presented and promoted in a way that seeks to convey certain values, namely commitment, solidarity and collaboration.

The aim of this approach is to promote consumption patterns that are far removed from any type of excess or misuse. Indeed, while the Group is mindful of the fact that it is an economic entity with a duty to create value for its shareholders, it is also committed to expanding its customer base, promoting convivial enjoyment and consumption of alcohol.

Promotion of sustainability at every step of the agrifood chain

In addition to economic sustainability, Gruppo Montenegro is committed to pursuing social and environmental sustainability in its relations with all stakeholders and it undertakes to ensure a fair distribution of value throughout the supply chain.

To this end, the Company carefully oversees and controls supplies through direct action and by involving suppliers in special programmes.

The main commitments promoted by the company are: soil protection, biodiversity, integrated pest management, appropriate and limited use of chemical products, protection of water resources, waste management, energy management, GM-free crops.

Production process management

Gruppo Montenegro’s plants, due to the very nature of the products made and the production processes employed, do not pose particularly critical problems as regards environmental impact. Nonetheless, the Company has implemented an environmental management system at all production sites, allowing them to ensure compliance with legal requirements, but also enabling highly effective monitoring of key performance indicators for evaluating the Group’s environmental impact.

The environmental management systems are subject to an annual certification audit pursuant to standard ISO 14001, carried out by a third party, in order to check continuing compliance with the voluntary certification regulations and the achievement of improvement objectives.

Valuing human resources

Each day Gruppo Montenegro strives to bring the market products of outstanding quality and guaranteed safety, well aware that it could never succeed in this goal without the contribution of hundreds of people who do their job on a daily basis with unfailing passion, commitment and professionalism.

The Company has always worked to ensure that relations between human resources at every level are based on trust and support, with mutual respect for roles and responsibilities, and it takes all measures necessary to maximise individual contributions.

Seminiamo per l’Africa

The company is aware of the daily difficulties facing some communities it interacts with, which is why it cares a great deal about increasing the effectiveness of the indirect impact that its businesses have on the growth and development of supply areas.

To achieve this, between 2011 and 2017 Cannamela launched the project “Seminiamo per l’Africa” (literally ”Sowing for Africa”).

With “Seminiamo per l’Africa” Cannamela chose to increase its commitment and get involved in a major charity project for long-term agricultural development in Africa, and in 2015 it supported and cooperated with an important and respected non-profit organisation, CEFA.

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