Our Headquarters are now certified according to the UNI ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and their UNI ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Certification has been confirmed

Even during this complex management phase associated with the Covid-19  health emergency, the substantial effort deployed by Gruppo Montenegro on the HSE front has allowed us to make a big step forward.

Over the past few weeks, CSQA has audited the Group’s Headquarters, in Zola Predosa (Bologna),in respect of our HSE integrated management system. This is the first step in 2020 towards certification of the Group’s Occupational Health & Safety System in all our plants according to the new UNI ISO 45001:2018 reference Standard, as well as for renewal of our Environmental Certification according to the UNI ISO 14001:2015 Standard.

We are especially proud and satisfied of having achieved this result, not only because the report does not include any”Non Conformities” (NC) , but in particular for having been congratulated by Auditors  from CSQA for the work we have done on all aspects regarding the current COVID-19 emergency.

This great result has been possible thanks to all our staff members, who every day use their know-how to support and upgrade our HSE System, as well as all to those who are contributing individually, last but not least by complying with the standards stipulated by the System in question.