At Gruppo Montenegro, every employee has the opportunity to learn and grow through experiences, feedback and training.

Individual development plan is the key, allowing us to help all our employees grow and to prepare them for the continual challenges that a rapidly evolving business poses.

The tools for growing together are numerous: the Montenegro Academy, the chance of changing position within the company, participation in special projects, working in inter-departmental teams and above all daily coaching by excellent leaders.

Montenegro Academy

The Montenegro Academy builds and develops our people’s skills. People who shape the future and at the same time achieve excellent results on a daily basis. People who, over the course of their career, develop new skills in different areas such as leadership, project management, marketing and sales, supply management, engineering and finance to name just a few.

Collaborative training

At Gruppo Montenegro we believe in sharing best practices and in the chance to learn from each other. By taking part in special projects and inter-departmental work groups, our employees have the chance to develop their skills and potential.

Leadership development

Our leaders are people who always do what they say and who represent a role model as regards all our company values, the strong foundations on which our way of working is based. Through tailored training programmes for all levels of seniority, we support them in the continuous improvement of their ability to innovate, to develop and motivate people and manage individual and team performances.

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