21/12/2021, Distance is not a limit, watch the Season’s Greetings video of #PeopleOfGruppoMontenegro!

23/12/2020, Distance is not a limit, watch the Season’s Greetings video of #PeopleOfGruppoMontenegro!

From 2020, The Masterclass becomes digital and gives rise to a new format: our Botanical Journey Webinars

Throughout the lockdown period we decided to keep in touch with all the professionals who were unable to carry out their business activities and were eager to take advantage of training contents that would prove useful once they could open up their spaces to the public again.

This is the idea behind the Botanical Journeys, the digital version of the training activities which Amaro Montenegro has been carrying out for some years now through the ‘Vero Bartender’ project.

During the first part of these webinars, the participants, under our Master Herbalist’s guidance, found out more about the unique characteristics of Amaro Montenegro, from its secret recipe of 40 aromatic herbs to its complex production process.

In the second part, we presented our drink strategy with the support of leading personalities from the world of mixology (Italian and international bartenders, journalists and opinion leaders), with a special focus on Amaro Montenegro’s great versatility when it comes to using it mixed with other ingredients.

All of the 8 sessions were a big success and we were able to reach out to over 1,000 bartenders.

29/05/2020, Digital Talent Spirit

Given the remarkable success of Talent Spirit first edition -and in a time when physical contact is being limited-, organising online socialisation events has proven essential to keep developing our networking activities.

This is the rationale behind our ‘Digital Talent Spirit’, an online event through which Gruppo Montenegro has opened its doors again, even if only virtually, on 29th May 2020.

The panel of speakers included: Cristina Danelatos, Gruppo Montenegro HR & Corporate Communication Director, who talked about the potential of unusual careers; Laura Artusio, Founder of PerLab & Partner of Yale University, who took all the participants on a short journey towards the ‘Emotionally Smart Leadership’; Gabriele Giorgi, Associate Professor at the European University of Rome, who addressed the topic of today’s ‘Economic Distress and Employability’.

Over 100 participants joined the webinar, enjoying the opportunity not only to listen to our influencers’ speeches, but also to interact with them through a live Q&A session.

30/01/2020, Talent Spirit

The first edition of our ‘Talent Spirit’ event format took place on 30th January 2020. This is an event dedicated to Gruppo Montenegro Family & Friends which aims to explore and better understand the dynamics of a complex job market thanks to the experiences and real-life stories of HR Leaders, job market Influencers and Professionals holding different company positions.

The kick-off event was targeted at recent graduates and young graduates at large who are seeking to find their way into the job market.

Thanks to the presentations by Cristina Danelatos, Gruppo Montenegro HR & Corporate Communication Director, Antonio De Pascali, Gruppo Montenegro Talent Manager, and Davide Dal Maso, Founder of Movimento Etico Digitale (Movement for Digital Ethics), the 50 attendees had the opportunity to find out more about job market trends, learn tips to avoid mistakes during the recruiting process and better present their competences on social platforms.

The event included a Q&A session with two special guests: Federico Luddi, Group HR Director at Mutti, and Antonella Giorgio, Head of HR at Valextra.

A ‘Networking Aperitif’ awaited our future talents at the end of the speeches. This was an occasion for our guests to socialise and interact one-to-one with many different Montenegro Group professionals, enjoying a Select Spritz between one story and another!

13/09/2019, Gruppo Montenegro restyles its factory in San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) where Amaro Montenegro and Vecchia Romagna produced

Gruppo Montenegro has celebrated the inauguration of new offices for its factory in San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) with the Mayor of Ozzano dell’Emilia attending.

The factory in San Lazzaro di Savena is one of the five best equipped in Europe in the liqueur industry, and a leader in the sector in Italy; it is actually also known as) “la città del brandy” (“brandy town”) because of its scale and type of production. On its premises, the processing and ageing of the brandy Vecchia Romagna are completed, as well as the production and packaging of Amaro Montenegro and of the aperitif Select. Apart from alcohol products, it is also the site where Olio Cuore is processed and packaged.

“For us this is an important day, because of two reasons: we are inaugurating the restyled production plant in San Lazzaro di Savena, which is the heart of our liqueur production, and – most importantly – we share this celebration with all the colleagues who contribute every day to the success of Gruppo Montenegro and with their families”, said Marco Ferrari, CEO of Gruppo Montenegro.

The external and interior refurbishing of the office block has contributed to curtailing its environmental impact, thanks to actions geared towards energy efficiency, for example the installation of new low thermal transmittance doors and windows and the use of state-of-the-art insulation materials.

Moreover, the use of exclusively LED technology will allow for energy saving up to 60% compared to traditional neon, while the increase of glazed surfaces will make it possible to complement the natural lighting available.

Also the aspect related to the use of sustainable materials has been taken into account: the composition of materials selected for the paving is characterised by raw materials which are of natural origin and 100% recyclable.

04/02/2019, The students of the Primary School Marco D’Oggiono visit our plant in Dolzago

We welcomed a request coming from the local territory and hosted a class of students of the 5th year of the school Marco D’Oggiono at our plant in Dolzago.

To hear our experts telling them the the story of the chamomile and see our production processes has been an amazing experience for the children.

For us it was a great event, we do hope we can repeat in other plants as well.