“Improving quality of life, any time of the day”. This is Gruppo Montenegro’s vision which is reflected in our approach to corporate social responsibility and the sustainability of our business.

“Our history is that of a Group that has always strived to embrace a corporate vision in which the passion for our work and our determination to offer consumers excellent quality products go hand-in-hand with the desire to be a social actor that understands and enhances the territory in which it operates; these are the key pillars of our approach, the compass points that guide our strategic planning.”

– Marco Ferrari – CEO Gruppo Montenegro

Ethical approach

To ensure ethical business conduct that is respectful of established rules, both internally and in dealing with third parties, in 2006 Gruppo Montenegro developed and adopted its own Organisation and Management Model (OMM), pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001.

The essential aim of the Model is the construction of a structured, organic system of procedures and control activities intended to prevent the perpetration of offences relevant for the purposes of the Decree, and to make all those who work in areas of business at risk of such offences being fully aware of the possibility of encountering such cases.

This document is supported by the Code of Ethics which identifies the corporate values that the company undertakes to respect. The Code of Ethics represents the primary reference point for the promotion of these principles to all stakeholders.

In 2012 the Group drew up its own Sustainability Roadmap, a formal document shared at every level of the company which indicates short, medium and long-term objectives (up to 2020) and how the Company intends to reach them.

Responsible practices

Stakeholder involvement

In conducting its business activities, the Group gives serious consideration to requests from its stakeholders and it does so above all by participating in trade associations, which enable it to identify in a structured and collegial way the main requests made by the community, in the broadest sense of the term, to the Group and to other companies operating in the same sectors.

To ensure full and proper identification of these requirements, Montenegro actively participates in round table studies held by over 20 trade associations.

The marketing department has devised a complex system of consumer monitoring which, using special tools (market research, focus groups, interviews, etc.), allows ongoing, real-time monitoring of consumer opinion and behaviour in relation to the various brands in the company portfolio, supported by a web monitoring system that offers a broad overview of consumer perceptions and opinions of the various brands.

Montenegro has managed to build excellent relations with the institutions in the areas where it operates, working together with them in various activities and initiatives as a sponsor, in an effort to help identify and respond to the needs expressed by local communities.