Working at Gruppo Montenegro means first of all working in a safe environment. Indeed, all our locations not only comply with legislation governing occupational health and safety, but are also certified to the voluntary international standard OHSAS 18001.

Determined to do more, we created a benefits plan that embraces legal aspects linked to people’s lives within the company, as well as other aspects related to their personal and family lives, also taking into account how people’s needs change over time.

Lastly, with a view to promoting a healthy work-life balance, we developed specific work-life balance policies that encourage employees and their managers to focus on personalised flexibility, designed to guarantee business results irrespective of where, when and how the work is done.


Our health*

Supplementary health cover

Free flu vaccination

Paid leaves for specialist medical examinations

Local to you

Company life*

Company canteens

Our products in break areas

Free water


Possibility of using the office for personal deliveries of online purchases.

Our future*

Life insurance

Supplementary pension scheme

Economic support for optional maternity leave

Our time*


Flexible working hours

Part time


Gruppo Montenegro has just launched “Mums@Work”, a program designed for pregnant women and working mothers of children aged 0-2, in partnership with two companies of the territory: Faac and Rekeep.

The main objective of this project is to support women in transferring the skills that must be necessarily developed when becoming parents also in the workplace. How?

  • By creating a workplace culture that supports working mothers;
  • By promoting new ways of working;
  • By providing support in the transition and re-entry phase.

The program is divided into six modules, conducted by an external trainer, carried out within the normal working hours and it will accompany the women up to the second year of the child’s life.

The subscription is voluntary.

* some elements of the Benefit Policy may vary from site to site

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