Andrea Curti

Director Administration, Finance & Control

Andrea has had many years’ experience in the Finance office, which he has accrued at Gruppo Montenegro and other multinational companies.

He started his professional career with Gruppo Montenegro in the late 1980s, first in Management Control, then in the Administration department, which meant he has been involved in Corporate & Business integration operations for the first acquisitions by the company.

In 1996 he joined Arcotronics Italia S.p.A, a worldwide industry leader in the production of capacitors; that is where he became an expert in Management Control, specifically by implementing a consolidated reporting system with EMEA and Asia to the parent company in Japan. His career path has been very exciting, one of the highlights being the possibility of participating in an IPO process, which came to a halt the financial crisis brought on by the events of 9/11.

In 2002 his professional path started to veer more towards management, which led to being put in charge of the whole administrative area at Viro Spa, a group based in Bologna, international leader in lock and safe manufacturing. There he set up a management control system specifically focused on finance, aimed at meeting the international development requirements of the business.

In 2008 he returned to Gruppo Montenegro to work in the Finance area with steadily increasing responsibilities. Today his position is Director of Administration, Finance & Control.