AMARO MONTENEGRO: RESTYLING OF THE ICONIC BOTTLE | The icon of real taste unveils new packaging, as unique as its own history


Bologna, 18 September 2017 – The look and unique shape of the bottleof Amaro Montenegro enjoy a restyling: the same real taste as ever today shows off an even more distinctive and contemporary visual identity, designed by the brand advisory and strategic design agency RobilantAssociati.

The shape of the bottle is made stronger thanks to bolder lines and is enhanced with two refined elements in relief: the year of foundation (1885) on the shoulder and, at the foot of the bottle, the signature of Stanislao Cobianchi, the rebellious genius who invented the Italian amaro par excellence.

The label, fully restyled and framed within the glass, is enhanced in every detail: from the new logo, emblazoned with the date of foundation, and the medal collection, represented and embellished by the gold and silver medals that depict awards won over the years, to the special texture on the bottom.

The rear of the label plays an important role in the brand storytelling, employing three refined effigies. It starts by highlighting its heritage, detailing the birth of the brand, named after Princess Elena of Montenegro, future Queen of Italy. The story continues, underlining the richness of the ingredients, with some 40 botanicals from 4 different continents, selected and processed according to the original secret recipe that involves a complex production technique.

The new aluminium top, taller and of premium quality, endows the bottle with added elegance thanks also to the abstract icon, depicted on the top of the cap, which combines several elements that represent the brand: the “M” of Montenegro, the year of foundation and a wreath with the 40 botanicals that for over 130 years have made Amaro Montenegro the icon of real taste.

“The new visual identity is an evolution of the previous one and is part of a wider revamping and international development project for the brand, a project that also includes our initiatives linked to the world of sophisticated mixology. The new packaging brings the unique and distinctive shape of the original bottle right up to date, maintaining the iconic quality that has always characterised Amaro Montenegro. The bottle evolves, becoming more contemporary, but the real taste of our product remains that of always” – says Alessandro SoleschiSpirits Marketing Manager at Montenegro Group.


The year is 1885 and, after long and fervent experimentation, Bologna-born herbalist Stanislao Cobianchi finally invents one of the most iconic Italian liqueurs of all time, Amaro Montenegro.

A legendary product that for over 130 years has offered the same unique taste and quality that make Amaro Montenegro Italy’s number one amaro. This unchanging tradition is reflected in the bottle too, with its iconic shape; a bottle that has always set Amaro Montenegro apart, jealously protecting its character, as well as its taste. Indeed, Amaro Montenegro is still made today to the same traditional recipe, with its intriguing blend of 40 botanicals including herbs, spices and citrus fruits; a formula and process which have been kept secret for over a century, and which give Amaro Montenegro its unmistakable taste and extraordinary complexity.

Thanks to this unique organoleptic profile, Amaro Montenegro is a surprising and versatile ingredient for innovative cocktails or twists on great classics that are already hugely popular in the world of mixology both in Italy and abroad.

Amaro Montenegro, real taste.

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